Automotive fuel-efficient, there must be plans
    With rising oil prices, how fuel-efficient car? Long-stay parking, please turn off "when other people start the car while waiting in the car lane restaurant, I turned off the engine to the restaurant to buy coffee in general, the engine idling 15 minutes consume nearly 1 liter of gasoline, which means you breakfast coffee spend $ 1 less brakes slow refueling "in the city roads, I chose gentle acceleration, and many owners are guilty of in a way very common mistake: each traffic light are pedal to the metal only in the soon hit the brakes when the vehicle in front. This car does not make you home more quickly, but gently driving about 20 percent can improve fuel economy. "Keep the best speed" on the highway, some vehicle owners to 120 km / hour speed, I will remain 110 km / hour. In the daily commute, the more than ten miles per hour difference will not reduce the travel time, but will allow your highway fuel economy increase. "Utilize Cruise" I try to maintain a constant speed driving, and some owners are driving the speed ups and downs. Try to use cruise control as much as possible and maintain a constant speed, so slow down than speed up to keep the economy much more. "Shake the window" should open air driving experience is one of the most common problem. Low speed to close the air can actually fuel, but I have been on the highway close the window air conditioning. Air conditioning, but some owners did not open the windows to increase air resistance the same as a parachute to reduce the speed, which is more fuel than air conditioning. "Maintain adequate tire pressure," four of my tires than the recommended tire pressure by 5 pounds. This does not change the vehicle's performance, but increased the difficulty of engine-driven wheels. Tires checked at least once a month, if the tire pressure is 10 pounds, fuel economy will be reduced more than 3%. "Try to avoid using the car decoration" to show my support for your favorite team, at every home game I will plug my car window on the team pennants. Only when they go out to the competition, I will win the flag. In terms of traffic on the highway, up to 1 / 3 of the fuel used to overcome wind resistance. Therefore, even subtle aerodynamics of the car changes, will greatly affect fuel economy. "Reducing the burden for the trunk," I have been inside the trunk six bags filled with promotional bought when the water softener. According to EPA estimates, for every 100 pounds (45 kg) weight will reduce the fuel economy of 2%. I save money bought 240 pounds (109 kg) water softener increased almost 5% of fuel costs. "