Automobile tire should not upgrade "mix"

The new car after a run in period, many owners will begin to consider by upgrading the tire to improve vehicle handling and driving pleasure. But if the "upgrade" improper, it will pose a threat to the car. Reporter recently interviewed a professional chef, they put forward the following recommendations for upgrading for the majority of the owners.

Car maintenance: upgrade tire Shun "mix"

That same and original equipment tire specifications

The frequency of the use of vehicles and driving conditions, is an important basis for the selection of the upgrading of tire. If you have to use every car, so the tire wear resistance may be the owners should consider the problem.

Movement type wide tires have good ground adhesion wear, but also very quickly, at the same time, the pursuit of speed, tread will minimize, thus tire in the wetland on the performance of not very ideal. If the vehicle is often used in rainy and humid area, so a set of wetlands to the adhesion and the drainage performance due to the wet tyresshould be is a good choice.

Because the vehicle manufacturer in car equipped with tyres, out of the whole cost considerations, will take part at the expense of the performance of sacrifice to save the cost of tire. So most consumers tire upgrade, in fact is to upgrade the grade andquality control. Generally recommend replacement and original equipment tire same specification but higher levels of tire, such as the use of a higher level of tire speed,or use a higher level of tire cord fabric, are common upgrade technique. Vehicle performance they bring ascension is the original factory fetus can not do.

Select the same tire

Experts remind you car, upgrade the tire should pay attention to choose the same kind of tyre, in order to ensure the running safety of use after the upgrade.

If the degree of abrasion, the structure and specifications of the tire is not consistent,not only affect the tire service life, more important is the cause of automobile brake drag inconsistent, high-speed car need to slam on the brakes, tire resistance to the four round of the uneven stress, extremely easy to cause the vehicle out of controlcaused by traffic accidents. So remember, upgraded tires don't "mix", to select the same pattern of the tire, so it is the correct upgrade method.