To expose the five wrong maintenance method

Now more and more private car owners, everybody wants to own a car for a long time,reduce the cost of repair. To do this, we must learn to scientific car maintenance.However, some problems often arise in car maintenance, car maintenance experts said, some people thought is in the car maintenance, but in fact it is self defeating damaged car. Look at the following 12 kind of error method of curing, you have to check the number, capacity, if any!

1 sun washing -- hurt the car paint

Principle: the convex lens effect in the hot sun water washing the car by the formation of the uppermost layer produce local high temperature phenomenon of car paint, time is long, the car paint will lose its luster. If at this time to wax, also easy to cause thebody to uneven color.

The right way of maintenance: wash the car wax is best in covered under the condition of, if not guaranteed, it is best to choose in the cloudy or sunny morning, evening.

Daily maintenance: many private car owners like washing the car in the sun, think this will soon after washing the body of water and dried in the sun.

2 wash like take a shower -- harmful air conditioning

Points to note: be sure to keep the appearance of automotive air conditioning dry, if the car air conditioning accidentally get wet, will affect the life of the automotive air conditioning.

Routine maintenance: summer temperatures, dust increase, the body is easy to dirty,owner of washing frequency also began to rise, many owners in a car wash would liketo take a shower and get yourself as thoroughly.

The 3 circle waxing -- poor effect

The right way: wax in a straight line, horizontal and vertical lines alternately, again according to the direction of water flowing last, so as to reduce concentric circles the paint surface effect.

Daily waxing way: a lot of people to wax vehicle habitually to circle, this is not the right way.

4 oil too much -- failure

Too much oil: but, if too much oil, the engine crank handle at work, the connecting rod big end will produce violent agitation, not only increase the power loss inside the engine, but also enable spilled onto the wall of oil increases, resulting in burningexhaust oil fault.

Car maintenance, oil amount of the best: the engine oil sump oil should be controlled between the oil feet, lower line

Insufficient engine oil: when the engine oil sump oil shortage, bearing and shaft neck,friction due to oil less lubrication, aggravate the wear degree, even cause the burning bearing accident.

5 bolts tight -- permanent deformation

The car can not be too tight bolt: if overdone, hand will make connections under the action of external force to generate permanent deformation; on the other hand willmake bolt produce tensile permanent deformation, pretightening force drops, even cause slipping or breaking phenomenon.

Bolt, fastening nut connecting piece a lot of car, should assure enough pre tightening force, but also can not be screwed too tight.