Summer arrived, the rain how to drive?
    First, turn off the Do not repeat the start wading is inevitable to go through driving rain, puddles, Dongfeng Nissan 4S stores everbest Technical Director Liu Xianglong told reporters, rain is likely to cause surface water, deep water sometimes, it makes a lot of owners headaches. "Do not blindly encountered water forced through the road, parking should observe if non-car owners can not wading, but also must pay attention to the water depth, water depth should not exceed half the height of the wheel while wading more cars at the same time to avoid by, in order to turn forward, but not with the back of the cart or the cart with the line. "Liuxiang Long told reporters that if the owner find the car flooded, must not be forced to start the car, but as soon as possible to push the vehicle to a safe place , and try to make the vehicle from high to low, it will give access to the water flow out the exhaust pipe to avoid damage to the catalytic converter and muffler and other components. Second, to advance vehicle safety checks for the arrival of the rainy season, Chen Gang and Liu Xianglong told reporters that the rainy season, the vehicles should be doing work related to inspection, so as to "be prepared." "Should first check the wipers, heavy rain, the driver in front of the white one, if the wiper sweep the water capacity of a serious decline, it will directly affect traffic safety, so on rainy days to ensure traffic safety, the wiper natural very important. "Gang told reporters, driving rain, the rain did not scrape, make forward visibility is extremely vague, and therefore often lead to accidents. Third, the rain driving slower, "rain caused slippery road surfaces, reducing friction, be sure to slow down traffic, stay with the distance to the vehicle before and after, well in advance to take emergency measures of psychological preparation. Cornering, speed down to the extent possible, uniform through. "FAW - Volkswagen Jieyatai 4S shop technical director Chen Gang told reporters, driving rain, not only to ensure the driver's field of vision, but also to ensure that others can see you. According to Chen Gang, When the visibility is less than 200 meters should be open beam lights, marker lights and front and rear position lamps, speed should not exceed 60 kilometers per hour, the same lane with the car in front 10 meters away; when visibility is less than one hundred meters, it shall be open beam lights, marker lights, front and rear position lights and hazard lights, speed should not exceed 40 km per hour, the same lane with the car in front 50 meters away; when visibility is less than 50 meters , in addition to open-beam lights, marker lights, front and rear position lights and hazard lights, it should also further reduce the speed.