Winter is coming, I hope you didn't understand the coolant.
Coolant, the full name should be called antifreeze coolant, intended to have anti freezing function of coolant. Coolant is an integral part of an automobile engine. It circulates in the engine cooling system and takes away the excess heat generated by the engine, so the engine can run at normal operating temperature. When the cooling liquid is insufficient, will make the engine temperature is too high, resulting in damage of engine parts.
However, we have to correct a misunderstanding, the coolant is not only used in the winter, it should be used throughout the year. Why?
Anti radiator, water pump, cylinder block and cylinder head, the water pipe corrosion in the cooling system is composed of steel, cast iron, brass, copper, aluminum, tin and other metal welding, the electrode potential of different metals in different electrolytes, easy to occur under the action of electrochemical corrosion. Cooling system corrosion will make the radiator tank water chamber, fuel injector sleeve, cooling pipes, joints and water tank exhaust pipe failure, while the corrosion products to plug the pipeline, causing the engine overheating and even paralysis.
The cooling liquid anti boil in line with national standards, the boiling point is usually above 105 degrees Celsius, compared to the boiling point of 100 DEG C, cooling fluid can tolerate higher temperature without boiling (boiling), to a certain extent to meet the needs of high load engine cooling.
That every car manual is a "sunflower", even if you're on the vehicle as a retreat practice utterly ignorant of that, while there is no guarantee that you can understand what the vehicle, but at least you have a basic understanding of. So for your car when to replace the antifreeze coolant, open the manual will know.
Most of the household cars are replaced every two years or forty thousand kilometers. Of course, this is just a reference to the replacement cycle, can according to the actual use to replace, because go Yiliangwanwan kilometers or prolong the period of one year and a half or so, it's not a big problem. If the intensity of the car, then you can change in advance.
But not in the replacement of antifreeze coolant within the time limit, if found antifreeze coolant is less than the minimum scale value (the capacity of antifreeze coolant should be normal in MIN and MAX), will promptly increase, or will affect the cooling performance of engine.
Need to pay attention to:
From the cooling liquid into the liquid storage tank, household car front engine coolant takes roughly 3~4 liters, while for a mid engine or the rear car, because they still need to be at the front of the tank to the cooling system for heat dissipation, so, due to the overall layout, the cooling liquid needed to the car than the car front engine at least twice as much weight.
How to buy antifreeze coolant?
The engine cooling liquid from ethylene glycol, anticorrosive additive, anti foam additive and water, which is the core component of ethylene glycol liquid temperature range to expand, and through the integration of water, high concentration of cooling liquid at 197 DEG to -60 DEG C in boiling and freezing conditions, however, the price of such products high, therefore, manufacturers will be added to adjust the proportion of ethylene glycol coolant according to the area and the use of different.
When we buy antifreeze coolant, according to the minimum temperature where used to choose the best freezing antifreeze coolant than local minimum temperature low 15 degrees, to ensure that the extreme weather anomalies antifreeze coolant strike.
Different brand models used by the cooling liquid of different colors, pink, and blue, these are a different color colorant effect, as is in the coolant leaks, more eye-catching can be perceived, and the difference will be very striking to distinguish different the products, to prevent the wrong car owners mistakenly add not applicable products.