Automotive engine coolant, when to add, the color must be the same?
There is one thing the friends all know, what is it?
That is the car coolant is too little, or consumption is completed, there will be a failure?
Blew up, is burning adhesion, and burn a big hole in the piston is also possible, in short is scrapped.
What is failure?
Because the temperature is too high, the piston is expanded and stuck in the cylinder, causing the engine to scrap.
Serious due to excessive pressure piston and can not play, will spray thick flame burned out, serious still can cause spontaneous combustion.
That there is no way, usually only pay attention to two issues.
A thermometer is the engine.
Temperature on the red grid must be immediately stopped, natural cooling may not go one step further, after the failure to find the root cause of the problem.
Two is often to check the coolant water tank.
View the transparent coolant tank in the engine's cooling condition.
If the coolant level is maintained between the "Max" and the "Min" mark lines in the tank, it is in line with the requirements.
The coolant level in the tank will change with the temperature of the engine.
If the liquid level in the "Min" line or below, it is necessary to fill the coolant, so that the level of "Max" line can be, remember not to go beyond the line.
Ethylene glycol based coolant to be used to make aluminum parts are suitable corrosion protection.
Three is to determine whether the coolant leak?
After the filling of the coolant, if the coolant level in a short period of time, the system may have leakage.
A visual inspection of the radiator, hose, engine coolant filling cover, radiator, drain cock and pump. If no leakage is found, the pressure on the designated service station shall be checked and the cooling system will be checked for leakage.
Four is the coolant is also available, valid?
The shelf life of the coolant is generally two years, two years or so, it should be changed.
Shelf life is the coolant in the preservative failure, then a lot of efficacy will disappear.
No longer is the boiling point of 107 degrees, the rubber pipes may be aging, aluminum parts will be oxidized, freezing, freezing failure and so on with.
The change is change, do not change the chaos!
One is the engine just can not open the water tank cover, and the Deputy water tank lid, in order to prevent burns, coolant will spray out, hurt himself.
The two is that cleaner does not work, then the cleaner liquid storage tank may have empty, must add cleaning fluid, can use water as cleaning fluid, is a glass of water.
Three is to replace the engine coolant, must be done to clean up the cooling system, the supplementary coolant must be the same brand, the same color, additives for chemicals.
The chemical reaction of the chemicals, do not know what will happen, maybe a Shi Kelong, blocked the cooling system, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate is.