Antifreeze how long to change? 90% of people don't know!
Engine water tank rust, scaling is the most common problem. Rust and scale will restrict the antifreeze in the cooling system of the flow, reduce the cooling effect, causing the engine overheating, and even cause engine damage. Anti freeze liquid oxidation will also form acidic substances, corrosion of metal parts of the tank, causing damage to the tank, leakage.
The main way to solve the water tank failure in the routine inspection on weekdays, should often see whether there is water or Water Leakage corrosion phenomenon, to timely cleaning, replacement or addition of antifreeze, in order to improve the boiling point, prolong the service life. In general, traveling twenty thousand kilometers or a year on the replacement of antifreeze. This can improve the boiling point, prevent rust and scale, enhance the cooling effect, the pump produces lubrication, avoid and eliminate air bubbles caused by instantaneous high temperature engine damage.
The harm of water instead of antifreeze coolant used, and no market that's so serious, if it is short-term emergency use of water can be, not to damage the thermostat or blocking the cooling channel, there are a lot of car racing directly using water as coolant. Moreover, if it is found that the antifreeze coolant is below the minimum value, and there were no antifreeze coolant can be added, can also add water to temporarily replace. After all, the reduction of antifreeze coolant is mainly caused by the evaporation of water.