The yellow dots on the car's tires can help balance the car

For car owners, they deal with tires every day, but do you really know about tires? So, do you know anything about the tyres?

1 tyre pressure is clear enough, why a bit of flat?

In this case, do you want to continue adding gas? Not really, because the tyre is now a vacuum, and the tire pressure is between 2.2 and 2.6 bai. If you are sure tire pressure is enough, though it may look a little bit flat. Just keep the tire pressure normal.

The inside of the tire is on the outside. Is it wrong?

Inside signs are Inside, and if the logo is outside, you can confirm that the tyre is in reverse. When the tyre is reversed, it will accelerate the wear and tear of the tires and affect the comfort of the vehicle.

What does the yellow dot on the tyre mean?

The yellow dot on the tire is a light mark, which is the lightest place on the tyre. For wheeled vehicles is composed of tires, wheel hub, and valve, the valve is the place where most tires, and with the valve corresponds to the yellow dot is the most gentle, play a complementary role between two points, can have the effect of tire balance.