There are five important caveats in the heat of the summer

The pace of summer has come, and the heat of the air is often unbearable and sweaty. The summer is the peak season for traffic accidents, so how do you keep your car safe in this hot weather? The taizhou bog machinery co., LTD. Introduces a few things that you should pay attention to.

Keep a good attitude

Summer heat, motorists mood swings, little not the fire emit three zhangs, especially the drivers caught kubla khah dripping wet, quarrel or illegal, buckle, mood impulse extremely easily. Therefore, the driver must adjust, control his bad mood, and maintain the normal state of mind.

2, ensure good sleep

In the summer days, people sleep late, and it's easy to get sleepy during the day. Especially in the middle of the day, you often feel sleepy. At this time, it is best to take a nap, or wash your face in cold water, move your arms and legs, and then continue to drive when you're awake, to make sure your car is safe. The second is to keep the usual mindset. In high summer heat, drivers are unstable, and a slight lack of "fire". Drivers must adjust, control their own bad mood, and keep their usual mood, they can put some of the music regulating mood in their car.

3, to prevent the skid

Summer temperatures are high, and there is a heavy rain, which affects drivers' sight and is dangerous when driving. As a result, drivers should slow down when they run into heavy rain on the road, keep enough safe distance from pedestrians and vehicles, and not be in the way of pedestrians and non-motor vehicles. Slow down or change the steering wheel before turning and turn the steering wheel slowly, avoiding the steering wheel so as not to cause the slippery side of the steering wheel. By comparing the slippery road, regardless of the level road, downhill or bend, should make full use of engine pulling resistance effect of deceleration, emergency braking and slide block off of avoid by all means.

4, air conditioning should be noted often

Normally equipped with air-conditioner, the sealing property is better. Most people experience dizziness and burnout for a few hours in this environment. At the same time, the car's occupants breathe out a lot of carbon dioxide, causing the oxygen in the car to decrease dramatically. Accordingly, should adjust the condition of air conditioning appropriately, or open the window of the window every other period of time is ventilated.

Never wear slippers or high heels

A lot of car owners like to wear slippers in the summer, especially ladies like to wear fashionable, pretty cool drag driving, actually this is very dangerous. If there is an emergency, it is possible to delay the timing of the brake and cause a traffic accident.