The first aid method of the damage of the silicon oil fan clutch

In the case of liberated cars and some imported cars, the diesel engine is equipped with a silicon oil fan clutch.

The clutch does not need maintenance during use, until itwore out clutch. When the fan clutch is out of order, the fastening nut on the back of the fan can be loosened, and the locking pin end pin on the bottom of the fan is inserted into the hole in the driving shaft, and then the nut is tightened again. In this way, the fan can be rotated on the shaft to ensure the cooling of the diesel engine. After the spare parts are available, the new fan clutch is replaced.

Whether it is a silicon oil clutch fan or an electromagnetic clutch fan, the fan can continue to work according to the above method after the failure. It must be noted, however, that this is only a temporary emergency measure, and the fan should not be in an unregulated state of work for a long time.