In order to make the company all staff understand the basic knowledge of fire, improve safety awareness, enhance self-protection ability, grasp of the emergency fire strain, survival skills, learn to put out the fire and orderly to personnel, property of the evacuation process, to ensure staff safety of life and property security;On May 24, 2018, BOGR machinery co., LTD organized a fire drill for all the people in actual combat.

This fire drill is conducted by zeng yong, deputy general manager of the company, who is responsible for the organization and command of fire drill.

After the rehearsal, the commander of the staff fire safety emergency operation and fire escape skills, teach people to master in the event of fire, everyone should do, how to properly report to the police, fighting and evacuation, how to save themselves and to escape.Finally, the commander of the fire drill made overall, for drill results gave full affirmation, praise the employees follow instructions and acted quickly and asked everybody to want to further improve the safe production responsibility consciousness, announced the fire drill has achieved a great success.