BOGR Tips: silicone oil fan clutch

BOGR Tips: silicone oil fan clutch
In case any of the following conditions exists, the need to replace silicone fan clutch:
1, the engine overheating
2, silicone oil was leaking from the fan clutch assembly, the fan with little or no resistance in the case of rotating (spinning)
3, oil filled heat sensing plate cover or place the drive shaft through the housing
4, the fan does not rotate the shaft vibration
5, bearing there shrill noise

According to BOGR Fan Clutch special note, silicone oil fan clutch function and production all silicone oil fan clutch is designed to the highest quality standards and manufacturing, and provides approximate or exceed original specifications performance. Reliable quality, advanced production equipment and testing equipment, high manufacturing precision. Temperature sensor, oil, bearing all imported parts, ensure the excellent performance of the product. covering Europe and American ,Janpan,korea cars and so on regions.