How about vehicle technology, boil the water tank to be checked
  As temperatures continue to rise, the technical condition of the vehicle will be affected by the environment, then it is time to check the cooling system is healthier. 
According to BOGR fan clutch is understood that summer, the most common fault automobile cooling system is the "tank boil" making the car broke down, the occurrence of water deficit. With the loss of water and boil the water tank as well as accelerating weakness failure. Boil water tank maintenance vehicles, we must first ensure that the vehicle other related components properly, such as using the correct grade of fuel, oil, spark plugs, antifreeze, and adjust the ignition timing and idle air-fuel ratio. In the cooling system further examination of these areas are normal. 

Check Sequence 

Look at the tank. When the tank cars normally be consistent with the temperature up and down, if the situation occurs half cool the hot side, inside the tank can determine blockage. The tank can be connected to the 2 kg pressure pipes, reverse flushing, severe blockage if a small amount of cleaning agents can be used, taking care to wash the dirt tank and observe for leaks. 

Second, look at the thermostat. Some people think that the removal of the thermostat can prevent the water temperature is high, in fact, as long as the thermostat is functioning properly and does not cause the water temperature is too high, while the engine is running at low temperature for a long time is very harmful; many additional engine thermostat is a two-way effect, when the thermostat is closed, forced to go small cycles of cooling water, and the thermostat is turned on, the small loop closed loop cooling water all go big. If you do not install the thermostat, because the pipeline throttling role of local resistance, the actual flow of a cycle is very little water, but the water temperature rises. 

Finally, check the pump. Damage to the pump in three ways: leakage, corrosion lost rpm and impeller. The so-called lost water pump shaft and impeller rotation is with the gap is too large, when the engine reaches a certain speed, the pump impeller can not reach the appropriate speed, resulting in poor circulation. Cooling fan is the main component, and some cars have eliminated the fixed fan, and fan and replaced with silicone electromagnetic clutch. It is characterized by a cold car fan basically does not work, and the maximum amount of heat hot car; major fault silicone fan clutch is leaking, and the main fault electromagnetic fan clutch is the temperature switch is damaged, the line is damaged, the electromagnetic coil damage . In addition to the engine cooling water as heat medium, the part with the exhaust heat can be lost, the oil can also take some of the heat, but more air flow around the engine plays an irreplaceable role, so do not forget to check when the check engine overheating exhaust system (especially with catalytic converter models) are smooth, oil, transmission oil cooling device is intact. Also near the engine fan wind shield (commonly known as the wind turns) heat convection inside the cabin plays a vital role on the check should pay attention to. 

In order to prevent the cooling system fails, you should pay attention to the maintenance of the cooling system maintenance, cooling system include: 

1, check the cooling system for leaks, tightness of the fan belt, thermostat and cooling water temperature sensitivity of the situation, etc., and keep plenty of cool water. 

2, cleaning cooling system including radiator, water jacket adhesion of scale, the scale effects of cooling to prevent thermal performance.