The weather gets hot and the car has a fever.

  Since the engine burning so fierce, if not good to cool it down it is likely to play a big to themselves but also to burn, resulting in what wild fire (not his hot no mixed gas heat), deformation of piston ah, can even lead to piston from the cylinder hit the amazing scene.

   BOGR Fan Clutch said the hot engine cooling system can give it to cool down, but if the engine temperature is not high and even emergency heating is needed to give it poured cold water that it will strike not work well of. So in order to allow the engine to cool in the hot time in the cold when try to heat up and cooling system is under the foot of the effort, the two different coolant flow route, a route long a short route, engineers called circulation and circulation, and control in the end is health care oh not big or small circular section is thermostat comrades.With the pump than the man, the head is smaller, the outlet reservoir in the water inlet of the water pump or cylinder cover.

   BOGR Fan Clutch said sometimes you will find that the vehicle flameout after fans still turn. This is because there is a fan clutch and a temperature control switch are generally made of paraffin, and high temperature paraffin expands and the clutch together fans turned up, if the long time running after flameout, often when the engine temperature is very high, in order to ensure quick cool open fan, when the temperature is lower than the paraffin temperature expansion, the clutch is opened, the electric fan can not do.