Can't you know driving clutch separation

  In everyday driving, if the clutch is not open, can not hang file, is likely to be the clutch slave cylinder oil leakage,   BOGR fan clutch tell you when not to separate:

1.The clutch can not be separated when the vehicle is started 

       Due to the power does not  disconnect the engine output, the input, output shaft speed is not synchronized, so do not hang up. We can be in before starting the car, first turn off the engine,and then put into a (to be consistent with the direction of the front wheel angle), confirmed thatthere is no obstacle, release parking brake, start key switch until the engine (appropriate step on the throttle a little, but not too much).

2, the shift clutch can not be separated

  Before the shift, we will accelerator to shift speed than usual at a higher speed, the throttle pedal release moment, to shift lever back into a neutral position immediately, early or late shift leverare difficult to promote. Because the gear when stress, anti slip flange and gear itself locked together, only after the lifting force moment is easy to disengage.

  Then on the file can be directly hung up, if not into, the engine speed is not high enough, you can step one foot out of oil, so that the engine speed increases, the accelerator released immediately after the shift, downshift, should be in a neutral position after the first add empty oil hung in the file.

  Special remind: BOGR fan clutch speed is high, should pay attention to change the low-grade or downshift to add empty oil, the engine speed; low speed to hang low. While the empty function is to make the engine speed increases, and then release the accelerator pedal to slow down in,, adapted by wheel drive