Teach you a car airbag maintenance

With the development of automobile industry, in recent years, the airbag has become almostall car manufacturers car standard, but for the life of a small part of the owners, it seems to be a little attention.

BOGR  Fan Clutch said air bag is to protect the driver's life safety in danger occurs,usually by a folded airbag inflator, igniter, and gas solid particles, through the installation of theimpact of several groups of sensors and objects in front of the vehicle, to determine whether the need to detonate airbag. When the vehicle is subjected to strong positive impact, it will be expanded to protect the front seat occupant safety gas in an instant.

According to statistics, in all the possible fatal car accident, if the use of the safety belt, can save about 45% lives; if at the same time the use of airbags, this proportion will rise to 60%.How do we maintain it for such a key part?

In general, the airbag can maintain the effective period of 8~10 years, in everyday driving as long as the instrument panel airbag (airbag) or fault indicator light is not bright, prove theairbag in normal working condition. But that doesn't mean it can be, especially BOGR fan clutch that we use in the process should also pay attention to the following points:

First of all, at no time should we go to the beat or the impact of airbag parts. But should not beto direct flushing water balloon position, because the airbag moisture can't protect your life at the crucial moment.

Then sitting. In general, the driver should drive forward, sitting close to the seat, chair shall betransferred to the comfortable control of the car as well, so there will be enough space for the airbag fully play its protective role in the accident.

There are safety airbag for vehicle auxiliary driving position, manually shut down the location of the airbag, airbag detonation or will cause great harm to the children.especially BOGR fan clutch that never let the children sit in the front row or in the placement of the child seat, unless you can

Finally, the special BOGR  fan clutch to remind everyone that, in not wearing a seat belt condition,the airbag can not only protect the occupant, there will be serious damage to the passengerairbag, power is amazing, are enough to give the driver to hit.