Make several maintenance car tire longevity

  The service life of the tire is inseparable with the driver's driving behavior.  BOGR silicone oil fan clutch that car, mainly want to own the car tire using longer, must be aware of the following points.

1 front and rear wheel keep accurate orientation

  The service life of front wheel alignment on tire greatly, and especially in the front wheel toe in and camber is the main factor. Camber main will accelerate the shoulder wear that partial wear; the front wheel is the main wear accelerated in the outer tire.

2 pressure must be the same

  BOGR silicone oil fan clutch is called the tire pressure tire life, low air pressure,tire deformation increases, sidewall cracks easily occur and lead to excessive heat,to rubber aging, fatigue ply, cord broken. Pressure is too low, will make the tire contact area increases accelerated shoulder wear; pressure is too high, will cause the tire cord done by excessive deformation, carcass elasticity decreased, making the car has been increased in a moving load, in the case of impact will crack andblasting, and pressure is too high will accelerate the fetal crown to wear. And therolling resistance performance decline.

3 driving habits in line with the scientific requirements

  Drivers in the road in addition to handling the situation, must choose the road surface, avoid sharp stones, glass, metal andother possible punctured tire andscratching, avoid chemical spills material of tire adhesion, 

avoid corrosion on the tire; driving on the arch of the larger Road, special Yu silicone oil fan clutch that try to travel center, avoid and reduce the vehicle center of gravity shift, on one side of the tire load reduction increases tire uneven wear; rational load is the basic common sense, general, reduce the overload 20% tire life 30%, 40% overload tire life is reduced by 50%; in addition the rapid turn, emergency braking, high speed start and urgent acceleration will influence on tire that is the driver to avoid in the running process of the.