Three rules for changing the oil in the car

    Automobile engine oil is to maintain the life's blood, it is capable of cooling, lubricating enginecomponents. Yu fan clutch. Now, more and more car owners to realize the importance of the proper use of oil, but the oil is poorly understood.

1 when the oil change

   Many new cars in normal driving conditions, if the use of synthetic oil, basically every 10000 kmreplace the oil, and some can even take up to 20000 km. BOGR fan clutch, "drive" is oftentravel on the highway, rarely stop and go. But if used in city driving, go to where there are traffic lights, motionless on the traffic jam, and most every trip journey and no more than ten kilometers, the driving is driving "".

2 how to choose oil

  Choose a good oil, can make the car moredurable, more power. BOGRClutchremaining oil especially full synthetic oil in engine protection, reduce the number of oil, can savefuel costs. So, it is two times more expensive than the average price of oil, is the best choice formany owners.

3 special oil may not be suitable for your car

Special purpose vehicle oil does not necessarily apply to your car. BOGR said to add oil fan clutch car also need according to the age and the engine running status and regional condition of automobile and special oil, only several specifications of a variety of vehicles and can not meet the requirements of various regions.